Greenbryre Golf Course

We've redesigned our course so that you can golf in more manageable blocks of time. When you only have a couple of hours to spare, you can grab a quick round on the North or South Six, or play them both for a well-balanced, more leisurely round. Traditionalists need not fear: they can still play a full 18 holes.

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12 Grill Restaurant

Enjoy great food and drinks at 12 Grill Restaurant beside the clubhouse at Greenbryre Estates. Drop by for lunch on the deck overlooking the 1st tee and South #6 green, or spend an enjoyable evening dinner and cocktails with friends and family in the main dining room.

Concrete Roads

Greenbryre Estates is the first community in Saskatoon to feature concrete interior roads. Benefits include:

  • Durability and maintenance free life: Concrete roads have a long service life of forty years, during this service life concrete road do not require frequent repair or patching work.
  • Vehicles consume less fuel: A vehicle, when run over a concrete road, consumes 15-20% less fuel than that on asphalt roads. This is because of the fact that a concrete road does not get deflected under the wheels of loaded trucks.
  • Resistant to automobile fuel spillage and extreme weather: Concrete roads do not get damaged by the leaking oils from the vehicles or by the extreme weather conditions like excess rain or extreme heat.
  • Greener process: Asphalt (bitumen) produces lots of highly polluting gases at the time of melting it for paving. Also, less fuel consumption by the vehicle running on a concrete road means less pollution.
  • Saving of natural resources: Asphalt (bitumen) is produced from imported petroleum, the reserve of which is becoming reduced drastically. On the other hand, concrete (cement) is produced from abundantly available limestone.
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